About S2 Compliance

Delivering Competence, Diligence & Responsiveness.

Company Background

S2 Compliance has a long history.

S2 Compliance has operated since 1999 and provides bespoke compliance and regulatory advisory services to the Hong Kong offices of multi-jurisdiction hedge fund and private equity managers, institutional securities brokers, and corporate finance advisors. S2 Compliance provides professional and cost-effective support to firms which lack a work load sufficient to justify employment of full-time compliance staff, or have a substantial compliance function overseas but require independent and proactive supervision of their Hong Kong office.

Company Approach

We provide tailored compliance and regulatory solutions to a range of clients.

Our approach differs from some of the larger compliance consulting firms in Hong Kong in that we do no marketing and operate principally by referrals from current clients and, to a lesser extent, their lawyers and other service providers. We devote our resources to ensuring we have highly trained staff and optimal infrastructure and capacity in order to fully support our clients.